The Maintenance Department staff responds to maintenance calls or requests from tenants and refers those not eligible for service from this department, to the appropriate agency.

They are responsible for planning routine or preventive maintenance needs for each FBTHA unit to insure each unit is maintained in a decent, safe and sanitary condition.

This department is also responsible for the long term maintenance program.

The Purpose of the FBTHA Maintenance Department is:

❶To maintain all property and equipment under the management of the FBTHA in a safe, decent, sanitary, and habitable working condition that fulfills their intended functions and life expectancy.

❷To identify and correct conditions that may lead to an accident or injury to tenants of FBTHA employees.

❸To Conduct timely inspections, regular and preventive maintenance, timely repairs and replacements to ensure all equipment is functioning properly.

❹To Charge all Unit Damages on a work order system for Normal Wear & Tear, or for Tenant Abuse/Neglect to determine if Maintenance pays for the cost of damages in materials cost and labor charges, or it the Tenant on the Lease Agreement pays for the cost of damages in materials cost and labor charges.

❺To do Unit Environmental Assessments for HUD on every unit that Maintenance does work on.


  1. Preventive Maintenance–tightening screws and replacing small items while they cost less money.
  2. Non-Routine Maintenancenot everyday items such as appliance change outs and roofs.
  3. Emergency MaintenanceUsually after hours such as no heat, carbon monoxide, and electrical.
  4. Inspections-At least 5 different inspections help Maintenance keep file control and unit cost down.

❶Move-In Inspections

❷Move-Out Inspections

❸Quarterly or Periodical Inspections

❹Annual Inspections

❺Police Report/Inspection Request